Alan ‘GladiusIII’ Goehring Wins First World Series of Poker Bracelets

Alan Goehring was one of the hottest tournament players in the world during the early years of poker’s boom. He won two of the main events of the World Poker Tour, recording the WPT Championship for the first time in season 1 to become the first player to make over a million dollars on that tour. He went on to win the WPT LA Poker Classic main event in 2006 for nearly $ 2.4 million.

Goehring took roughly a decade off from playing poker to focus on trading the futures market, but has started appearing in live tournaments again in recent years. His return to play had paid dividends for Goehring, who emerged victorious in the eighth event of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to earn his first WSOP gold auction and top prize of $ 119,399 visit poker88.

The 55 year old player, playing under the screen name ‘GladiusIII’, surpassed the 1,479 entry field in the $ 500 no-buy hold’em freezeout event to secure the first piece of WSOP hardware. With such a large turnout, the top 207 runners in the event made money, with the min-cash worth $ 732.

Many big names were involved in the event, including Phil ‘lumestackin’ Hellmuth (109 – $ 932), Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee (93 – $ 1,704), Anthony ‘nowb3atthat’ Spinella (75 – $ 1,331), Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (62nd – $ 1,730), Andrew ‘GrandpaEd’ Neeme ($ 1,997), Ryan ‘Adopt_aDogg0’ Leng (45th – $ 2,396), Ben ‘WhyIsGamora’ Yu (29 – $ 2,861), and Jeff ‘NedrudRelyt’ Madsen (to -14 – $ 5,458).